Free Script Pubg Mobile Hack 0.18 + Hosts Anti Banned

Free Script Pubg Mobile Hack 0.18 + Hosts Anti Banned

Are you in need of a game hack script for PUBG Mobile then you need a anti-ban script that secure your account from getting banned. This script provides all the VIP modes of hacks which helps you to hack the game without any ban. To start hack you need to download the script file from the below download button. To start hack you need to execute this file with the helps of the game guardian. The script is provided with some features which you can read below.

Please do not over use wall hack in this script. I know this script is mainly for wall hack but do not over use it for your account safety. This script is not purely anti ban. If your account got banned I am not responsible for it. To download hack script file you can choose the below download button.


Anti Ban
Wall Hack
Speed Hack
Scope hack
Map Hack
No Recoil
No Reload
Fast Bullet Shoot
Anti Host
Magic Bullets
Antenna Pro
Antenna Basics
Antenna Flare Gun

For more features click on the below script download button to download the script files. After clicking on the download button a new page will appear where you download begin automatically.

Anti Ban Host File Download For PUBG MOBILE

Today I will show you how to download and use Anti ban host PUBG file on your android device to hack PUBG MOBILE or any other battle royale games.

This article explains everything on using this powerful file with two different kinds of VPN. Later we will also talk about how to retrieve your banned PUBG Mobile account. All these with one-click download links and error-free apps, so let us quickly get started.

What is AntiBan Host?

Antiban Host is a file used to hack PUBG Mobile. You need a Strange VPN to change the host to the antiban host so there will be no more ban from PUBG MOBILE.

Everyone nowadays Hack Online Game using Game Guardian and make their account got banned from the server so you will require to change your host to Anti-Ban Host that will show you legal user, not a hacker.

Our ApkNerd Team has successfully tested all the files on their device and everything is working fine we have played more than 20+ matches without getting facing any banning issue.

Firstly, you need to understand the concept of banning. Here’s what it is.

What is Banning In PUBG MOBILE?

Banning is known as a time period until which you cannot access or play a game. This usually happens when you try to tweak or hack any kind of online games such as PUBG MOBILE, Garena Free Fire, etc. These online game companies usually banned this activity for years. Therefore, the safest way to hack or tweak online games or services is to use a good VPN and a great Anti-ban host file combo.

What is Anti Banned Host APK?

Antibanned Host APK is used to download the latest host files for hacking Pubg mobile which is not available right now but soon it will be available here you can download in just one click.

What is Pubg Antiban Script?

PUBG Anti Ban Script is a piece of code that interprets between the PUBG APK file and its server so as to prevent banning.

Why use Anti Ban Host File?

The Anti ban host is a barrier between the gaming server and your phone. The work this file do is, it does not let the server know about what is happening on the other hand.

This decreases the chances of getting banned to a minimum and the gaming server treats the game as normal. This can definitely help you to get an edge over your friends while playing.

Another great advantage is you can save your lovely IP address to get blacklisted on a number of sites. As you might have noticed that a lot of online services such as Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram blacklist some of the IP addresses on their database. Which can hit you hard when sometimes you forget the password for Facebook and want to connect your PUBG Mobile with it.

The overall solution is using a Strange VPN along with this Antibanned host file. I’ll leave a full-blown tutorial on setting up and using this file somewhere in the middle of this article. So make sure to read it fully and carefully.

Because if this is not implemented correctly, there are chances of facing a risky slab.

Key Features of AntiBan Host:

Free of cost✌
Fast Servers🐱‍🏍
No More Ban⚔
Fully Secure🔒
Support All Host Changer. (Recommended Strange VPN)
Support ipv4 and ipv6🌏

Exited with the features? Now let us see the version info of this useful file/tool.

Anti Ban Host File Download


There are certain things you need before you can start using an anti-ban file on your android device. Everything listed below is available in the download section.

Anti-ban host file (Offcourse)
Strange VPN
Raincity VPN
Choose one of the above VPNs both are the same in working but Raincity Gaming VPN provides the support for Multiple hosts you can know more about it here.

And who doesn’t know about Strange VPN in PUBG addicted era? If you are not one of them, then check out our fully-fledged Strange VPN usage tutorial here.

Anti ban host APK file.

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How to Use AntiBan Host File With Raincity VPN

Download the Raincity VPN apk file from the above link.
Install the app normally.
Now open the app and give it all the necessary permissions.
Once done, follow this tutorial to use antiban multiple hosts for PUBG with the Raincity VPN apk tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to make an Anti Ban Host file?
Follow the Above tutorial on making an Anti Ban Host File For Pubg Mobile and Lite Version

I hope you will love this article I have provided all the details from how to download and use the antiban host file in strange VPN. If you getting any errors or problems you can easily ask in the comment section we will try our best to solve all the queries.

Happy Hacking! Peace😇

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