Tencent emulator: how to install PUBG Mobile (Timi and Chinese Lightspeed)

Tencent emulator: how to install PUBG Mobile | Pubg Chinese Emulator

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to install Tencent’s Chinese emulator and put all the Mobile PUBG in it (both Google Play BR, Lightspeed and Timi Studio). To enjoy the Chinese versions, you need to install the Chinese version Tencent Gaming Buddy, due to a TenProtect anti-hack protection, which only exists in this version.

IMPORTANT WARNINGAlthough there is the Portuguese version of the emulator, we already mentioned it here on the site, this version can not be used to play PUBG Mobile (Timi and Lightspeed). It even allows installation, but when starting any of the Chinese versions, the user receives an English message like the image below.

Do not install APK from other PUBG Mobile in the western version of TGB. You can be banned from games.

How to download the Tencent emulator in Chinese

Step 1. To download the Tencent Gaming Buddy in Chinese, go to the OFFICIAL website and click on the central button. The download will start automatically.

Step 2. Install the emulator. If you want a custom installation, uncheck it.

Step 3. After installation. Start the emulator.

Step 4. Now let’s look for the games. Click the option with a directional drawing and then the magnifying glass. Type PUBG.

Step 5. Click the button to start downloading the game.

Step 6. Now copy this '' PUBG '' and paste it into the search bar. And then hit enter.

Step 7. Here are the two Chinese versions of PUBG Mobile, let’s download them. Each one has on average 1.5 GB, so let’s wait for the emulator to download everything.

Step 8. In the end, your emulator will look like this. From left to right. The Google Play BR version will be the first. The second will be Lightspeed (the same from Google Play, but in Chinese, generally more updated) and the third will be from Timi.

Step 9. Finally, let’s put the Google Play BR version in Portuguese. Start the game and follow the instructions below.

ConclusionYou can already enjoy the three PUBG Mobile on your PC without worrying about being banned. Remember that to play games, you must log in through WeChat (using a cell phone) or using a QQ account.

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